Dirty North (SLAMjamz Records Catalog) - Stress

DIRTY NORTH come again with their second release 'Stress' . Great songs remaining from their 'Conflict'sessions have evolved into a stellar release of positive messages and great tracks. 'This is How We Do' clearly shows brotherhood creating from brothers from 2 different hoods. Other standouts are 'Choices', 'I Wanna Tank You Mama', 'Ink Of The Land', and the main album track that says it all, 'Stress'. Positive vibing in these get 'rich or die' trying times.

The stellar combination of Quest, a masterful rapper out of Long Island, New York, and Messenger Boy, a lyrical mouth from the south- breeds the stylings of Dirty North. Residing in Atlanta, they were recording separately, in the ATLSTAX studios when the collaboration was first suggested. Produced by PINT, this dynamic rhyming duo have been setting it off since 2004. Recent tour opportunities, behind their fiery new release and an ever increasing fan base have brought Dirty North up into the radar of Hip Hop lovers everywhere.

Their album "Conflict Resolution" is in retail stores nationwide as has been well reviewed in several publications. Dirty North has appeared on an abundance of mixtapes as well as having performed abroad and within the United States to a growing base of fans. With new projects on the horizon, Dirty North is set to introduce an even broader range of sounds and evolutionary concepts from this dynamic duo.

Produced by Pint Messenger Boy and Quest Haven for The 2010



  • 1  Dirty North
  • 2  This Is How We Do
  • 3  Stress
  • 4  Ink Of The Land
  • 5  I Wanna Thank You Mama
  • 6  Blackman
  • 7  ABC
  • 8  Dont Go Dirty Love
  • 9  Choices