Various Artists - String Theory

String Theory

String Theory, by Joe Bad X, is one album from a trilogy, which also includes Variations and Postmodern Cave Art. This collection of acoustic guitar interpretations draws from many different musical genres, attempting to create unity from a diversity of styles.

Breaking out of the gate with a song by the revolutionary old school rap group Public Enemy, this album includes covers by artists ranging from the classic rock of Beatles and Rolling Stones to the alternative explorations of Jane's Addiction.

With rock and other styles distilled into simple and pure vocal and acoustic guitar arrangements, and instrumentation perhaps more typically associated with that of a folksinger, this collection seeks to challenge musical stereotypes, and at the same time preserve the essence of the original songs.

String Theory

1. You're Gonna Get Yours (Ridenhour/Shocklee) – ‘Nuff said. I need to investigate whether it's possible to change my video to ‘Joe Bad X' and ‘SLAMjamz Records' without losing my view count…

2. The Thing That Should Not Be (Hammett/Hetfield/Ulrich) – I've thought about doing a video for this one. It's not really a natural single, but I had a cool idea of using footage from ‘Godzilla Verses the Smog Monster' from the early 1970s, which would be really cool.

3. You Can't Kill Rock and Roll (Daisley/Osbourne/Rhoads) – Ozzy wrote 'They don't even know even what they're talking about', but I changed the line to ‘They don't even know what the fuck they're talking about', because I know that's what Ozzy was thinking. ;)

4. Over the Hills and Far Away (Page/Plant) – Some friends and I were planning to go to Machu Picchu and I was going to shot video footage to use, but the trip got cancelled. Maybe another time…

5. Cry Baby Cry, Her Majesty (Lennon/McCartney) – This is a John Lennon song, but I tagged on a fun little McCartney ditty (‘Her Majesty') at the end. I've thought about doing a John Lennon tribute video to this one.

6. Bargain (Townshend) – I recorded a lot of Who songs because I kind of first learned acoustic guitar playing these. And they're playing the Superbowl halftime tomorrow, which is really cool…

7. Ocean Size (Avery/Farrell/Navarro/Perkins) – A Jane's Addiction song. The chords are the same, but this cover sure sounds completely different from the original.

8. Cuts You Up (Murphy/Statham) – This is a cover of a Peter Murphy song, he's one of the original gothic alternative rock artists.  

9. Velvet Green (Anderson) – This song has classical and folk-type influences. It's a difficult song to play on steel-string acoustic, and a difficult song to work out an arrangement for. I would never play this on steel string again—it's much better-suited to nylon strings.

10. Wild Horses (Jagger/Richards) – My voice certainly sounds nothing like Jagger's, but it came off pretty well, I think….

11. Blue Sky, Melissa (Betts, Allman/Alaimo) – This yet another one where I combine 2 songs in my arrangement--‘Blue Sky' and ‘Melissa', both by the Allman Brothers Band.

12. Talking Casey (Hurt) – I was pretty new to the slide and John Hurt fingerpicking, so it's a little rough, but still captures the spirit of the song.


  • 1  You're Gonna Get Yours (Ridenhour/Shocklee)
  • 2  The Thing That Should Not Be (Hammett/Hetfield/Ulrich)
  • 3  You Can't Kill Rock and Roll (Daisley/Osbourne/Rhoads)
  • 4  Over the Hills and Far Away (Page/Plant)
  • 5  Cry Baby Cry, Her Majesty (Lennon/McCartney)
  • 6  Bargain (Townshend)
  • 7  Ocean Size (Avery/Farrell/Navarro/Perkins)
  • 8  Cuts You Up (Murphy/Statham)
  • 9  Velvet Green (Anderson)
  • 10  Wild Horses (Jagger/Richards)
  • 11  Blue Sky, Melissa (Betts, Allman/Alaimo)
  • 12  Talking Casey (Hurt)