Various Artists - Studdahman presents The DeFicit

Studdahman presents; The Deficit

In the era of shrinking major labels, disappearing record retailers, fronting A&R's, and where digital downloads and ringtones rules the industry. Studdah Man a longtime Public Enemy producer and writer didn't let the changing industry change him but chose to stay true to the rules and roots of real hip hop and believes that the making of quality music is more important than just putting out a quantity of music!

The reason why I call this album The Deficit is that I feel that there is a music deficit going on. A music deficit occurs when an entity (often the labels) puts out more music than the general public is actually buying. The reason why the general public is buying less music is not because there is a lack of interest for music, or that more people are illegally down loading music, or that getting music is too accessible. The main reason is that people have gotten tired of spending $19.95 for 20 songs and out of the 20 songs on the album only 2 songs are worth their money!

I've traveled the world and searched the internet to find the hardest working, most underrated, self promoting artist around. Coming from the heart of Coney Island projects in Brooklyn New York I've found 'Mel Gates' While Mel's past is very unfortunate, he has no regrets for the choices that he has made. They have only attributed to his street credibility and hardcore style of rap. Not only is Mel able to flow at random, but he can battle with the best of them. Also from the planet of East Flatbush Brooklyn NY is J.A.E, he's a rare artist that stands out above the rest. Jae Face as he is known around his way has torn through countless opponents during his mc battles. He is destined to be the next great lyricist for the new generation of fans.

Da Faculty is a 3 man group representing Southside queens NY and Statesville North Carolina. The group consist of the production and leadership skills of Severe (most none for his 07' geico caveman insurance TV commercial party music) and his childhood friends Chad 'Omega Da God' Click & Jamel 'Alfa Da God' Scott .They have been blessing mix tapes such as DJ Green Lantern's "Monster Mash", DJ 1 MIC's "Crossing State Lines Vol 2", and DJ Don Corzone's "The Shootout' just to name a few.

The 1st European act to blaze my project is a young singer from Liverpool England (birth place of the legendary Beatles) known to his peers as JsOuL. He caught my ear with his singing style which is a combination of hip hop, jazz, funk, soul and R'n'B and also by his dynamic charismatic live band stage show.

Last but not least is the little princess of this project Ms. Brittany Evans a.k.a ' Br33zy Baby'. She is a 19 year old r&b songstress from long island ny.Br33zy is no stranger to performing in front of large crowds, she has been dancing since she was 4 and for the last 15 yrs has peformed at the sugar bowls, orange bowls ,macy's parades, ny Liberty and the ny Knicks games. Brittany's voice and stories will remind you of Aaliyah but her soul and passion will also remind you of a young Faith Evans but at the end of the day you will just remember Br33zy baby.


Executive produced by Chuck D and Sean 'Studdah' De Vore

Stimulus Trackage provided by, Severe Productionz, Studdah man, Kane and Mr. Guitar Washington.

Recorded and Mixed in: NY, LONDON and NORTH CAROLINA

Mastered at: studios

Album photo cover: by IdleMind 'The Appropriate Agent'

Stimulus Trackage overseen by Severe Productionz

Key Songs:
1. How we rocked
2. Brooklyn way
3. I want you more


  • 1  J.A.E / 'Ice Cubes'
  • 2  Mel Gates / 'The Brooklyn Way'
  • 3  J.A.E f/ Br33zy Baby / 'How We Rocked'
  • 4  Mel Gates / 'Only You'
  • 5  Alfa, Omega f/ Severe / 'Choppaz'
  • 6  J.A.E / 'Realer Than Me'
  • 7  J.A.E / 'It May Sound Crazy'
  • 8  Mel Gates / 'Gimme A Break'
  • 9  JsOuL/ 'I Want You More'
  • 10  Br33zy Baby / 'You Cant See Me'
  • 11  Br33zy Baby / 'Personal Change'