Safiya Oni - The Beauty Of Loyalty

Album Description:

The Beauty Of Loyalty is the self released EP written, arranged and executive produced by Safiya Oni in 2012. It is an R&B record about the varying forms of loyalty.

Track Descriptions:

"The Beauty Of Loyalty" the title track, is about the loyalty an abused child unknowingly has to his/her abuser.

"Ride Or Die" explores the loyalty a couple have for one another. Having a safe haven and source of inspiration in each other while staying loyal to each other, on their way to success.

"You Haven't Lived" sonically paints the picture of being loyal to yourself. Being pulled in one direction by outside influence yet having the courage to live one's life to the fullest.

"Fire" is about keeping your word, having integrity and honor.


  • 1  The Beauty Of Loyalty
  • 2  You Haven't Lived
  • 3  Ride Or Die
  • 4  Fire