Crew Grrl Order (SLAMjamz Records Catalog) - The Best Of Crew Grrl Order

Crew Grrl Order is the brainchild of The Legendary Chuck D, Co- Founder and Leader of Public Enemy. The purpose and relevance of Crew Grrl Order’s creation is to bring a “New World Order” to the current state of Hip Hop music. There purpose and mission is
to present relevant and powerful female expression through artistry, which is defined as the “She-Movement”. Crew Grrl Order is a trio composed of three female emcees Cleo Jones, Lady Payn and Retina which offer a wide variety of style, creativity and substance.

Lady Payn: Referred to as the “Etta James of Hip Hop”, this Brooklyn born Emcee’s powerful voice is one that will not be forgotten. Lady Payn is a survivor and has overcome many of life’s obstacles
which is felt within her verses. Her deep and raspy laced voice is complimented with the ability of delivering effective storytelling with passion, sass and street grit which makes her
a force to be reckoned with.

Cleo Jones:

Substance, Genius and Soul are just a few of the many qualities in which Cleo Jones exemplifies through music. Cleo represents the social and spiritual aspect of what Crew Grrl Order has to offer by expressing topics through cleverly laced lyrics. Cleo Jones epitomizes what her name represents, which is that of a powerful modern day Queen.

Retina: Style, Swagger and Raw Energy is felt when entering the “Retina Experience”. Retina serves as the “Calm, Cool and Around the Way” female of the trio who brings “Fire” in every verse. Retina
brings a commanding presence lyrically through song and on stage at every performance.

What makes CREW GRRL ORDER unique, as well as groundbreaking is that it presents the rebirth of the “She-Movement”. The music, purpose and mission is to bring a relevant change to the current state of Hip Hop by invoking more female expression via groups, producers and artistic expression. Their debut album, 'B-Girl Stance was followed by touring nationwide with PUBLIC ENEMY in 2007.

Crew Grrl Order's sound is a diverse mixture of classic Hip Hop with a mainstream image, yet street edged. Their lyrically masterful tracks are laced with hot and clever production from
with the SLAMjamz Records family. New releases will show the potential for these and other female artist/groups in to excel the male dominated hip hop industry.

The next chapter in the Crew Grrl Order story is off their new album 'ALL BETS OFF' featuring the great MC LYTE and features single and music video ALL BETS OFF. They have shot 2 NEW videos from ALL BETS OFF ...FIRST LADY “ The Official First Lady
anthem” which is dedicated to Michelle Obama and GO GREEN aimed for the Green Movement on protecting the environment and the planet itself.

CREW GRRL ORDER is NOT a gimmick. These women are adults looking to bring R-E-S-P-E-C-T for and to women in hip hop. Chuck D feels they can make similar impact to what the fem group LABELLE made to soul music in the 70's. A group to make women stand up
for something instead of getting knocked down by the typical testosterone of male driven entertainment industry.



  • 1  Rockin Wit The Best
  • 2  All Bets Off Ft. MC Lyte
  • 3  Self Construction
  • 4  Freedumb
  • 5  My Grrl
  • 6  Unpredictable
  • 7  I Am Woman
  • 8  Who Am I?
  • 9  @Last
  • 10  Go Green
  • 11  Beautiful Nightmare
  • 12  First Lady