Jahi as PE2.0 - The Catalog

PEople Get Ready

A call to action song dedicated to community activists. The first release of PE 2.0 with video filmed at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.



Classic boom bap with Easy Mo Bee on production. Intelligent party rocking music.



A DJ Pain One track that speaks about the current injustices with a positive outlook that good will survive over inequality.


World Beat- 

A freestyle verse about the truth that we are world citizens a part of a culture that is all over the world. 


Louder Than- 

A cover tribute to the greatest Rap Group of all time, Public Enemy. 



Like Yo pay attention.  A song that calls out the continued loss of innocent lives by law enforcement.  Calls for an end to police brutality


Three Words- My favorite song on the Catalog produced by Jazzmarc in Cleveland, Ohio.  Inspired by speeches by Minister Louis Farrakhan.  Freedom. Justice, and Equality


Beautiful Wonderful- 

My Rock & Soul tribute to black women over a Sophisticated beat.


It’s About Time- 

My critique of the current educational system with a call out for better culturally sound education.


BLK Thesis with KRS-One- 

my tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement with the blast master KRS-One.  My Dr. John Henry Clarke flow. 



  • 1  People Get Ready featuring Chuck D
  • 2  CRWDRCKRS featuring KRS ONE
  • 3  Survival
  • 4  World Beat
  • 5  Louder Than A Bomb
  • 6  YO! featuring Chuck D
  • 7  Three Words
  • 8  Beautiful Wonderful
  • 9  Its About Time
  • 10  BLK Thesis featuring KRS ONE