Public Enemy - The EVIL Empire Of Everything

The Evil Empire of Everything the second instalment of the Rolling Stones of rap, Public Enemy leaves no stone unturned and is their 14th studio album to date. Dubbed the fraternal not identical twin album of Heroes , this much anticipated 13 track CD is an eclectic avant garde album, a fitting match to Heroes and it shows that even after 25 years, it'll still take a nation of millions to hold Public Enemy back.

The rap group have of course recently been in the limelight due to their UK Indie chart-topping single Harder Than You Think, (#4 on the main UK singles charts) which was featured in an advert as part of Channel 4's Meet The Superhumans campaign for the 2012 Paralympics. Evil Empire features contributions from Ziggy Marley, Henry Rollins, Davy DMX and introduces lesser known names to the Planet Earth through their similar music and message vision. Songs like Don't Give Up The Fight, Beyond Trayvon and Icebreaker speak loudly and say plenty about today's often turbulent times and similarly the song Everything speaks volumes on the world around us. A must have millennium anthem for the music masses galore.


  • 1  The EVIL Empire Of...
  • 2  Dont Give Up The Fight featuring Ziggy Marley
  • 3  1 (PEace)
  • 4  2 (resPEct) featuring Davy DMX
  • 5  Beyond Trayvon introducing NME SUN
  • 6  ....Everything featuring Gerald Albright introducing Sheila Brody
  • 7  31 Flavors
  • 8  Riotstarted!
  • 9  Notice (Know This)
  • 10  ICEbreaker
  • 11  Fame
  • 12  Broke Diva
  • 13  Say It Like It Really Is