Professor Daddy O - The Odad, The Gun, And The Children

What PEople are saying about "The Odad, The Gun, And The Children"

 5 out of 5 AMAZING ALBUM

BY: Kate G

Loud, Distinct, Powerful and Conscious, the legendary Daddy O puts out a new album that is a must have and will be an album that is played over and over again. Daddy O’s powerful voice slams you and pulls you in to his sounds and lyrics as if you are you are with him in his space. Every song on the album is a HIT! Chuck D of Public Enemy adds his voice to the album on “Method of A Madness,” which is a song that will be played over and over again on my turntable. Go get this album!-


  • 1  Standing On The Edge Of Extinction
  • 2  The Odad, The Gun & The Children
  • 3  Basement Terrorism
  • 4  Abdul Kariym (With A Gangsta Lean)
  • 5  Blood Got Shot (Now The Blues Got Me)
  • 6  Brainchild Of Blackness
  • 7  Method Of My Madness (feat. Chuck D)
  • 8  Trunkfullafunk (On Da Blowup)
  • 9  Catch A Beatdown