Heet Mob (SLAMjamz Records Catalog) - The SOUL Project

SlamJamz/Heet Mob Records release The Soul Project. The single "I See Ya" was released as part off the score of the Fox Searchlite movie "Brown Sugar" (scene 20 on the DVD), to be heard in theaters throughout the nation.

This gave instant exposure to the label and Soul Project for momentum leading up to the maxi single release - Shine Thru 2002-03, the first independently released project for the new Heet Mob Records L.L.C.

The release created a wider fan base and buzz throughout the region, and worldwide online base that grow into recent projects with new material, various appearances and shows.

Now The SOUL Projects other songs are unveiled in 2010, enjoy and check out the raw ability and passion here.


  • 1  Intro
  • 2  When the Track Begins
  • 3  Soul Motivation
  • 4  Sickest Mic Fiends
  • 5  Spread tha Word
  • 6  Beat-lude
  • 7  Shine thru
  • 8  I See Ya
  • 9  Brade Dude Lude
  • 10  Brave Niggaz
  • 11  Awright the Uncles
  • 12  Hylanda Freestyle Lude
  • 13  DJ Hylanda
  • 14  Full Time
  • 15  Bickering Cries
  • 16  Angel (feat. Douglass)
  • 17  For the Seeds
  • 18  Blackoutro