Mr. & Mrs. Smith - Trophies

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Wanting to prepare something special to go along with the release of Taxidermy: Brought Back To Life, Mr. & Mrs. Smith got a few friends involved in the creation of a bonus album. Trophies is a gem of a release that features a great selection of new songs, an alternate version, a few covers and a remix. Definitely a must hear for fans!

A very special thank you to everyone involved with Trophies! Thanks also to Hollis Smith for a terrific February packed with great music!

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  • 1  Carl and Jeannine - Autopsy (Electric)
  • 2  Kersey Williams - Taxidermy
  • 3  Mr & Mrs Smith - Big Jet Wings
  • 4  Mr & Mrs Smith - Records On A Dirty Shelf
  • 5  Mr & Mrs Smith - Tiger Of A Tale
  • 6  Mr & Mrs Smith - Oh No Not Again, This Time
  • 7  Gary Wood - When I Lay Down
  • 8  Jeannine Lyons - Autopsy (While Doin' Dishes)
  • 9  Mr & Mrs Smith - Taxidermy (Plastinated Mixx)