Sammy Vegas - You Already Know...

EBM Electronic Beat Music for the Dance Floor from Korea to Vegas


Sammy Vegas / You Already Know…..

Administered by Reach Global 

Produced by Sammy Sam, 
Associate Production D.Y Kim, C-Gun Kim. Kenny Lee

Executive Producer  Gary G  Wiz and Carl Ryder 

Recorded and Engineered by Kenny Lee, David Daffin, Bob Horn, willie wilcox

Video Producer David CDoc Snyder for HWIC Filmworks
/ Stylist

Hot Mom and Juicy  video dancers;
First Singles off the Sammy Vegas album  

2015 Distributed Earthwide by online retail DL-CD-VL and 



  • 1  Juicy
  • 2  Jux ( Shake It )
  • 3  You Got Me Hypnotized
  • 4  Rebel Girls
  • 5  Hot Moms
  • 6  Call 911
  • 7  We Connect
  • 8  Love n Hate