Chuck D aka Mistachuck - Bernie Got Berned

Mistachuck and CDOC mastermind this option to all to think about whats coming to the planet in the next 4 years.

On the edge of the USA Presidential Selection Jahi as PE2.0 and Marcus J of The Impossebulls come better than your news

telling how the logical Senator Bernie Sanders got flipped by the criminal math and hyperbole of it all.


(C. Ridenhour, DC Snyder, Jahi, M. Ankeney)
Produced and Mixed by C-Doc for DefBeat Posse Productions, ID!A
Arranged by C-Doc and Carl Ryder
Lead Vocals: Chuck D, Jahi of PE2.0, C-Doc, Marcus J
Background Vocals: Tirade, Davy J

Bring The Noize (BMI), administered by Reach Global, Inc
Def Beat Music (BMI)
Torman Jahi (BMI)

Video Shot by Chuck, Jahi, Doc & Marc
Cut by David C. Snyder