Kasuf and the Mazz Muvement - Brother ZIM

Kasuf is the new Jazz for SLAMjamz. New Jazz for the millennium. Brother ZIM in Kasufs own words is raging against 'cheap music for cheap times.' That in Kasufs' mind and soul is no longer acceptable. Recorded with the guidance of Professor Griff with guitar by The baNNeds, SOULstice, and RED,BLACK and GREEN member Khari Wynn. But....listen to the music, because music speaks louder than words.

Brother Zim

    Songwriter: Kerwin Young

    Producer: Kerwin Young

    Publisher: Kertoonz Music Company (BMI)

    Recorded at Sleek Mixes Studios, Roosevelt, Strong Island (1996)

    Guitar overdubs recorded at the X-Minista, Atlanta, Ga (2008)

    Mixed at Union Station, Union City, Ga

    Recording and Mix Engineer: Kerwin Young

    features Khari Wynn on Guitar