DJ Lord - Eat The Rat

Eat The Rat These are serious times we live in. Ain't nothing new: times have always been this serious, and the cheapest price to pay in such times is attention. Public Enemy and many of our contemporaries have maintained a consistent revolutionary voice and music to urge a world change. "Eat The Rat" is about living in these times, about the action we take as we confront these adversarial situations and circumstances.

“Eat the Rat" is a metaphor for the times: picture yourself locked in a jail cell with a Rat. Who survives is determined by who eats who: either the rat eats you, or you eat the rat. But this metaphor isn’t about just you: it takes us beyond fighting the power, to think of ourselves as part of a collective, part of other communities, and the power we have as a collective. Ultimately, it’s that power that triumphs in such situations, that makes the hard choices for survival. But the key lesson of this metaphor is that faced with an awful choice, we have to have the presence of mind to know that consuming the rat for survival cannot mean adopting its ways. The rat can still devour you if you adopt its ways, even if you’ve already consumed it. People have been asking culture (music) to be a revolutionary voice, but they want that voice to sound like it always has. The “rat” anticipates this desire, and this is the mechanism it uses to shut down possibilities.

With this song, DJ Lord >2MP aka 2muchPOsse announce their arrival, occupying the center of this conversation, which hasn’t yet found its voice in the EDM world. No disrespect but prepare yourselves for a total sight sound story experience to answer what's going on right now in the struggle of human beings against one sided rule. Be it institution corplantation , government or crooked law. With so many backs against the wall, a movement of human beings who want Peace, Love, and a true understanding of freedom, Eat The Rat is an unflinching statement that urges the masses envision their own future.

Chuck D Public Enemy 2MP