Crew Grrl Order (SLAMjamz Records Catalog) - First Lady, The E-Rob Ladies First Respect Mix

This is the other version of the tribute to the wife of the president Mrs Michelle Obama. Sonically its for bopping that head inside and out , as well as a movement on the floor. Produced by C.G.O and Earnest EROB Robinson it perfectly compliments the Johnny Juice Anthem version released earlier. 2009 marks the 20th Anniversary of the recorded release of Ladies First , so isn't this a flip. Respect. Respect. All hail the First Lady.

First Lady/ The E-Rob Ladies First Respect mix

SONGWRITER/ earnest Robinson, john rosado,retina hogue, tamara mcIlwain, Shannon Davis

PRODUCER/ E. Robinson

PUBLISHER\ Juice On The Loose(bmi), emusic1(ascap)

MUSICIANS;Earnest Robinson

RECORDED at: SLAMjamz South Studios

Vocals Recorded in Charlotte.Atlanta

MIXED BY; Earnest Robinson / Recorded and mixed Atlanta

STUDIO; SLAMjamz South Studios A