Safiya Oni - FTT

“FTT” by singer songwriter arranger, Safiya Oni.

Written in her living room back in 2015. This track is the outcome of Safiya Oni overcoming turmoil from very painful teen years. 
In the song with the acronym meaning “Forget These Teachers” she has a conversation with a future fictitious lover. It’s really a heart to heart and open discussion with lyrics asking “Can you be somebody, Somebody who cares? Can you be my lover, who understands?” She sheds light on the universal desire we all have; to be understood. From the oftentimes tricky and misguided journey to success trying to escape pain, abuse or socioeconomic hardship. That creates the cynic and emotional walls we all carry to a degree, that changes how and love.

The song FTT explores the idea of “What is success?” The mood is melancholy with hypnotic 808s and sensual vocals.
Her upcoming full length project ”Worthy” will deliver more of who Safiya Oni is with a Trap, Soul RnB experience. Keep your eyes and ears on Safiya Oni.



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