Various Artists - God Can And God Will

This song speaks about situations and problems we face everyday in our lives and at times, there seems to be no hope. Marc is reminding us in this song that if you tell God about your problems, trust him and have faith in him, that he can and will bring you out of whatever situation you might be going through.

Marc was inspired to deliver this song by going back to the sound of the guitar and vocals throughout most of the song to give it that down south, back home, down in the woods gospel feel. The song features Minister Maurice Douglass on vocals and Tony Brown on lead guitar.


Since Marc was 3 years old, he has been playing the piano. Marc and his sister Cherelle would make numerous apperances throughout New York playing and singing, even at such young ages. Marc has watched his mother and his father growing up, dedicate themselves to the Lord and to the music ministry in their church. By age 7, Marc had mastered the Hammond organ,was the musician for his church and played for three choirs. He remained faithful to his church until he left for Boston Mass. to attend the Berklee College Of Music. Two months later after arriving in Boston, a young man named Arlo, heard Marc practicing the piano one evening and asked him would he mind going to church with him because they are in need of an organist. Marc accepted the invitation and went to the church and was greeted by the pastor, Rev A.L. Foxworth who immediately escorted Marc to the organ without hearing him play or anything.

The word traveled around Boston that there was a young man in town from Brooklyn N.Y. who was doing great things with the choir, which eventually attracted young people from other churches as well as other college students from the area who wanted to be in church and sing. Marc went on to become one of the most sought out musicians and artists in the Boston area. Five months later, Marc was the first official keyboardist for his school's gospel choir who became very popular in the Boston area as well. In 1982, Marc started his group, Marc Reddick & Company and soon became the main attraction for every concert in Boston.

Eventually Marc married one of his singers, Jay, and in 1987, relocated back to New York with son, T.J.. Marc continued his ministry with old friends he had grown up with; such as Linda Jackson, who is still singing with Marc now. In 1994, Marc decided to go a different direction and started by changing the group's name to Universal Praise. Marc's songwriting started to take a different direction as well. Marc's writing started becoming more versatile and wide spread whereas his music would minister to any and every kind of group of people. Marc Reddick and Universal Praise has ministered in many churches, colleges, prisons, and women shelters throughout the tri-state area of New York. In 1996, Marc started recording ''The Lift Him Up Project'' which was produced by Marc and long time friend, John Smith. The project took three years to finish. While trying to land a record deal for the project, Marc would experience the greatest devastation in his life. On February 1, 2002, Marc's 3 year-old son, Aaron Jordan Reddick, went on to be with Jesus. Even after his loss, Marc remains faithful to God and to the ministry that God has called him to.

In June 2005, Marc landed a record deal with SLAMjamz Records which was founded by Chuck D from the famous rap group, Public Enemy. Marc Reddick & Universal Praise's cd will be released in 2007. Marc is now gearing up for the start of their Christmas project along with some other projects that will be out next year. Marc is also priviledged to head up the gospel division for SLAMjamz Records and is currently writing and producing for some up and coming artists.