Public Enemy - Honky Talk Rules ( Extended BOOM Mix Beat )

"Keep it, your honky talk rules," the rapper spits, "screw your rules"

Public Enemy's new video for "Honky Tonk Rules" has Chuck D in a cowboy hat, railing against the "rules" of inequality.

HTR memorable P.E. moments over a staccato keyboard rhythm; and frequent contributor Sheila Brody of Brides of Funkenstein lends guest vocals on the Rolling Stones tweak "Honky Tonk Rules, with DJ LORD and Terminator X intro and break scratching over a Gary G Wiz power beat.

2 summers ago, Public Enemy returned with Man Plans God Laughs, the group's first album since 2012. "[It's] very powerful," Chuck D said to Rolling Stone. "Probably the most intense Public Enemy record of the century."
In the new clip for "Honky Tonk Rules," Chuck D dons a cowboy hat and takes the stage with singer Sheila Brody. The visual makes the subject of the track clear – as the rapper barrels through his lines, the screen is filled with images of wealthy rulers, oil refineries, and military power.

"Rules" interpolates its guitars from the iconic Rolling Stones song, "Honky Tonk Women, but Chuck D's lyrics take aim at those who abuse their power. "I let the entire world know of your problem," he raps. "Let everybody also know of your crimes/ But you don't want to fix this world by solving/ Rather have the earth singing to your lies." "Keep it, your honky talk rules," he spits. "Screw your rules."