Various Artists - How We Rocked

Release date: 05/19/2009

from the planet of East Flatbush Brooklyn NY is J.A.E, he's a rare artist that stands out above the rest. Jae Face as he is known around his way has torn through countless opponents during his mc battles. He is destined to be the next great lyricist for the new generation of fans.

Produced by Da Faculty, a 3 man group representing Southside queens NY and Statesville North Carolina. The group consists of the production and leadership skills of Severe (most known for his 2007' geico caveman insurance TV commercial party music) and his childhood friends Chad 'Omega Da God' Click & Jamel 'Alfa Da God' Scott .

ARTIST: STUDDAH MAN presents : J.A.E. featuring Br33zy Baby TITLE: "HOW WE ROCKED" / CAT. #: SLD224S

SONGWRITER: S. De Vore, R. Davis, J. Johson PRODUCER: Studdah Man, Severe PUBLISHER: Van De Vore Publishing (BMI) RECORDED AT: Murda Music Central MIXED BY: Severe STUDIO: Murda Music Central

SINGLE RELEASE DATE: 04/13/2009 BEYOND.FM: 04/13/2009 TUNECORE (iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Emusic, etc.): 04/27/2009 CAT. #: SLD224S


ALBUM TITLE: "Studdah Man presents... The DeFiCiT"

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Chuck D, Sean "Studdah" De Vore

STIMULUS TRACKAGE PROVIDED BY: Severe Productionz, Studdah Man, Kane and Mr. Guitar Washington

RECORDED AND MIXED IN: New York, London and North Carolina


ALBUM COVER ARTWORK BY: IdleMind "The Appropriate Agent"

TUNECORE (iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Emusic, etc.): 05/04/2009 CAT. #: SJD1018L