Various Artists - LandMine BattleRhyme

LandMine BattleRhyme

This is a written notation of a ghetto translation...

'Poetry comes from the barrel of a twenty-one gun salute to the city hall black ball back against the wall streets beats and all hail to the thirdrail thief's with four score or more wage slave words of war lords chairman of the board/bored whored subversive swords to slash jack boot grass roots zoot suits looting and shooting around the way ak spray at supreme court fort apache latch key kids and pro-black new jacks attacking the well fed heads of state or any candidate with under rate no debate musical mandate clean slates strafes scattering and shattering the art and heart of the anti-matter of a tricky dick slick but sick shitstem hit them where it hurts with a vandalized verse un-rehearsed curse or worse where you know they weakest even the meekest emcees must cop a crime spree plea to see if they can be free to c.o.d they mind behind enemy line after line of un-refined battle rhymes that rock bells and open prison cells and rattle and rebel with rifles and shells from hell will reach and teach the broken beats how to unseat the crown with under-ground sound and black books bound in bullet belts or ballot box b-boys who vote to re-wrote grace note quotes and rival tribal bibles that break bones and de-thrown battle zone clones with on loan ring tone poems home grown on stolen cell phones or better yet bet to beat them at they own fame game plan B equals booby trap raps strategically strapped lyrical letter bombs and seditious songs sent via fed up to blow up federal buildings steal and seal dead presidents in oval office coffins and paint the white house black and blue with rear view article two nine millimeter mental mines left behind in rebel winds trash bins along with ho chi minn's hip hop hand to hand grenade pins getting under the thin skins of uncle psalms cabin stabbing sabotage scratches dispatches and political matches struck by fabled turntable terror wrists in the midst of making musical molatavs that burn baby burn down babylon and on street signs of these gas line times where we re-write/right on sight incite/insight and re-wind the rappers bite to revolt and re-ignite the rhyme this time it's time to fight for your right to riot on the plantations reservations radio stations and other locations this is a written notation of a ghetto translation of the re-birth of the character assassination' - X-Vandals