Obeah - Pestilence

Pestilence is a song describing current state of American society through a certain lens. From one perspective one could see that we are one of, if not the most, affluent society in the world's history. But from another perspective you could see the extremely high levels of poverty, the outrageous prison population, the dumbing down of the youth, anger and health problems, etc., etc. I personally believe that as a nation we are out of touch with ourselves, our fellow man, and the Earth. And although I may live well by most standards day to day, I believe that we are all connected in ways deeper than our current understanding. If many people are suffering, then so am I. And so are you. Produced by Threepeeoh.

-Vocals by Obeah
-Produced by Threepeeoh
-Cuts by DJ Lord
-Mixed by Michael Mosca
-Mastered by Michael Mosca