Jahi as PE2.0 - Survival

PE2.0 / Survival / SPITdigital Recordings

Project Experience Millennium is PE 2.0
This single ‘SURVIVAL’is a bomb drop on the hip-hop world with its release of insPirEd, an explosive album brimming with politically charged lyrics, classic boom-bap beats and some very special guests during the MILLION Man March 20
At the helm is Jahi, an Oakland-based emcee and community leader who caught the attention of original Public Enemy mastermind Chuck D in 1999. Billed as “new music for changing times,” the album features KRS-One, the legendary Easy Mo Bee, Divided Souls, and DJ Pain 1.

 Survival- The first single. It was the baseline that opened lyrics from the mind. Lots of messages in this one.