Anime Oscen - The One

The One is the sound of 2016 for Anime Oscen
The One has the definite rock and pop flare of a great singer songwriter she is.

This song is about knowing all the wrong ones and finally finding the right.

The Video is a amazing entry into the spring summer sound vibe of 2016. Filmed by David C Snyder in Toronto.
Broken Chain is the debut album from Anime Oscen. It’s an eclectic mix of different styles, sounds and emotions.

The Team of Anime Oscen and Eric Papky and Mike Brown of HIVE Studios reckons to be a force in great songs of today and tomorrow

SONGWRITER/ Leslie Allin / Hive Studios
PRODUCER/  Leslie Allin and HIVE Studios
MUSICIANS; Eric Papky Mike Brown  HIVE
RECORDED at Recorded and Mixed @ HIVE Studios
MIXED BY;  Eric Papky Mike Brown  HIVE
STUDIO; at Recorded and Mixed @ HIVE Studios Canada

Greenlove Records is a small independent label that represents Anime Oscen. Established in 2015 it’s theme is one of peace and unity.