Haley And Us - #USSIE The All Together Now 1968 AM Radio 45 Edit

#USSIE by Haley and US
SPITdigital Recordings 

With a nod to the club sound of the early ‘80s - but firmly planted in 21st century DJ culture - #USSIE holds a funhouse mirror up to our smartphone-tethered lives and how we communicate with each other.

It is the first single from Haley and Us’ upcoming debut album, where she performs songs in the key of her life; a life that started in the theatre where she found her uniquely creative and sweetly quirky voice and a vocal style that’s a little bit punk, a little bit dance, a little bit of Deborah Harry’s Rapture. They call it Hip Pop, this mix of dance and HipHop DJ culture. Her vocals bend into a measured-yet-passionate interpretation over music that veers into new territory of sight, sound, story and social technology.
Released on SPITdigital Recordings, the independent record label co-founded by Hip Hop icon and Public Enemy frontman, Chuck D, #USSIE was produced by Bomb Squad veterans Gary G. Wiz, Keith Shocklee and Carl Ryder. 
Haley and Us drop new album USSIE on SPITdigial Recordings in December. 

#USSIE Video: