Public Enemy - We're Down With The DJS ( WBAU promo)

After the WBAU promo that later became Public Enemy #1 , MC Chuckie Dee and MC DJ Flavor get together at the 510 South Franklin studios in Hempstead Long Island NY and record this promo over the Art Of Noise. They at the time did back to back saturday night shows and rocked at the club Enterage out on the island. This promo was typical of what this station had in supplementing the records out at the time. DJ Doctor Dre flew this into rotation just as he did the Public Enemy number One promo the year earlier. DMC of RUN-DMC still says this tape was an influence. The names mentioned are all DJs who contributed to the pioneering WBAU radio scene. Sadly the station is no longer in existence,but coming back online on BEYOND.FM.