A KEY In The SLAM Ignition

June 22nd, 2008

Born and raised in Long Island this Roosevelt native first hit the hip hop scene in 1993 on the rap compilation album 'TERMINATOR X and the Godfathers Of Threatt' s "SUPERBAD". The song which was presented was called 'Krunchtime'. In those times this was KEYs first experience with the music business. In 1995 he went on to tour with the legendary rap group PUBLIC ENEMY around the United States and overseas to Europe.
This experience gave him an open minded view of life outside of his hometown and outside of New York State where he grew up on the streets and learned most of his survival tactics.

The love of New York is forever but the agenda for KEYs intentions with his hip hop goal is to be recognized as a great writer and hip hop producer by bringing songs to the table that show intelligence and wit.
Guidence to all that agree with his flow, expressions and knowledge across the earth. The pen game has been a way out of poverty for many from the ghetto. With such successes as black writer Donald Goines and many more black strivers and legends who put their minds to work, KEY is trying to stand the test of time and make that history list with the pen and his music.

2008 is a long way from Krunchtime 93 and 94, and times have changed drastically. But as 'Krunchtime rolls around again for KEY the pen game has been stepped up to suit the now school or 'New Generation' , where skills are severely lacking. KEY growing up with Hip Hop listening to such artists like Rakim , Big Daddy Kane, and Kool G Rap, became a lyricist himself though he has a tremendous respect for lyricists and others that paved the way like RUN -DMC , PE, etc. KEY steps up to the plate and hopes his contribution to Hip Hop is loved and lasts the test of time.

In KEYs own words Hip Hop Is Alive and Hip Hop is Forever!