Acclaimed Guitarist, Khari Wynn Presents Bold New Sounds for 2020

July 13th, 2020
As an acclaimed guitarist, Khari Wynn has toured the globe with his sound for over 20 years, clocking in over 2,000 shows while primarily playing with Public Enemy and even acting as the group's musical director. In addition, his own solo efforts have been brought to light recently, including a featured story on the Memphis Flyer's music blog. There he goes into depth on his influences and the direction of his artistry. Khari's foray into a jazzier style of original composition features his own masterful guitar riffs and innovative stylings. With additional works created under the musical umbrella, Energy Disciples; he presents the creative incorporation of electronic music into his sound, and sites eclectic influences of his such as Sun Ra as inspiration. With a newer assembly of talented musicians called, New Saturn Collective, he has delivered live performances to showcase his diverse musical ideas. While his latest, Misterioso Africano, offers improvisational musings that are sure to capture listeners looking for something originally bold.   Catch the full article:   Listen to Energy Disciples:   and some of the latest additions to  Wynn's musical catalog at   Join the crowd: