Anime Oscen – Bringing it to the Screen - New Video Coming Soon!

February 6th, 2016

Anime Oscen – With one music video under her belt and another to be released soon, Anime is a natural on the screen, even when it’s zero degrees Celsius! Anime talks to me about her new outdoor music video shoots with filmmaker, David C-Doc Snyder.


The SPITslam Group (Kate G): You were so smooth and comfortable looking in your Left Right Center video.  Tell us about how you approach performing in a video and some of the challenges involved in an outdoor shoot.

Anime:That’s funny you should say that about me looking comfortable. This is my first experience shooting an actual music video. One that didn’t take place in my own home, and wasn’t shot by myself to be specific. The biggest challenge regarding the outdoor shoot would be how darn cold it was that day. It’s warmer here now than it was then. It was actually close to zero degrees Celsius with the wind chill. The other big challenge was people walking through the shot when we didn’t want them to. Sometimes it worked well to have people in the background and such. But being my first video shoot that aspect also made it a personal challenge. I’d say by the end of the day I had gotten much better at forgetting about those around me.

You have a new video coming out for your song, The One.  Tell us about that video and your vision of your song that you wanted your audience to take away from the video.

Anime:I have to give all the credit to David C-Doc for the vision of the video. I tried portraying the appropriate moods to contrast the feelings in the verses as opposed to the chorus. But C-Doc is also an outstanding director.

How is it to work with C-Doc?  Were you given the opportunity to bring your own vision of what the song means to you to the videos?

Anime:The day we shot the videos was very spontaneous all around. We just tried to find interesting locations that would help tell the stories. But we did have a bit of a Mary Tyler Moore type vision we were going for with Left Right Center. Like I said previously, C-Doc is an amazing director as well. I followed his instructions because I could just tell the wheels were constantly turning. Like he could foresee the final product as we were shooting. Chuck said he was the best and he wasn’t exaggerating.

Your new album, Broken Chain, has received many great reviews; can we expect more songs from you soon?

Anime:That is so nice to hear. I’m glad it’s being received well by people. I have to stop myself from having too many songs on the go. Whether in my head or on paper. Always new songs coming. In fact, I have a new one that is almost finished. That will be a release on my next album for sure. I can’t say exactly when but it’s definitely in the works! I am very excited about some of my new material. It’s always a pleasure talking with you Kate! Thanks for another swell interview!

WATCH "Left Right Center." 

Kate G is Kate Gammell for Update Reports on The SPITdigital SLAMjamz Recording Label Group