Anime Oscen; The New Emergence Of Singer Songwriting Energy

January 5th, 2016

Anime Oscen; The New Emergence Of Singer Songwriting Energy  

Anime Oscen’s ( Pronounced ANNA- MAE OS-KEN) new album, Broken Chain just dropped and I had the opportunity to sit down with her and discuss her new album, how she hooked up with Chuck D, what it was like shooting her new video, and who were her musical influences.

The SpitSlam Record Group (Kate G): Your debut album, “Broken Chain” just came out. What went into the making of this album?

Anime Oscen: Now that is an interesting question. The best way to start would be by saying a lifetime went into this album. I wrote a song or two before high school. Who knows what happened to them. Some of the songs were started in my very early 20’s and have been tweaked somewhat since then. In fact all but “Left Right Centre” fall into that category. I usually, not always though, re-write a song a few times before I’m happy with the lyrics or flow. Bringing my songs to fruition only became a reality last year with the help of Hive Studios. It started as a personal project. Then I decided to put myself out there on the web and see if anyone responds to my music.

Your album is being distributed by SPITdigital. How did you hook up with this label?

Anime Oscen: I was following Chuck D on Twitter, as I am a long time fan of Public Enemy. Chuck thought my music would be a fresh new sound for his distribution. I believe the themes of peace; unity and basically fighting the power were what appealed to him.

Recently you just shot a new video with David “C-Doc” Snyder. Share what that experience was like for you.

Anime Oscen: Shooting my video with David was an adventure for sure. We had one day of unpleasant weather to shoot 2 videos and I had never done this before. I was a bit nervous about the public staring on. But David is a total pro and has an eye for the perfect shot. It was shot in the city of Toronto. Just navigating that craziness almost made it easier to find interesting places to shoot. It was colder than it is now so trying to look comfortable was a bit of a challenge. All in all it was an easy day because of David’s expertise. I totally understand why Chuck uses him as often as possible. I’m really excited for people to see the videos.

Who are you musical influences?

Anime Oscen: Another interesting question. Since childhood I’ve listened to and I’m sure been influenced by literally every genre. This sometimes makes things a challenge when I write. But it definitely produces unique results. Bette Midler has probably been my biggest vocal influence. But again, I could list many Canadian females who I’ve grown up listening to that have definitely affected my technique. Some of them are: Celine, Shania, Terri, Jann, Alanis. I could keep going. My biggest all around musical influence would probably be early Pink Floyd.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Anime Oscen: I just want to thank everyone involved in helping to make my album a reality. That would include Chuck D, Hive Studios, CDOC, Erob, Shawn Franklin, everyone at SPITdigital and SLAMjamz and you too Kate for all your hard work!

Watch Left Right Center the NEW Video Single of Broken Chain Album by Anime Oscen


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