Big V.E.L. Branches His Thing on Own

August 4th, 2008

Artist: BIG V.E.L
Title: THE BIG V.E.L Show
Genre': Southern Hip Hop, RAP
Release Date: October 2008

BIG V.E.L- From the legendary streets of the Lower 9th ward in New Orleans now residing in the Planet of Decatur comes BIG V.E.L. BIG V.E.L appeared on 'Most Hi-Fi' debut album 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright: The Movie' from Chuck D’s SLAMjamz Label.

BIG V.E.L is preparing to release his solo debut EP “The BIG V.E.L Show” with two feature singles, the system thumping “Turn it up' and 'MARCHIN BAND'. BIG V.E.L's target is that of the streets and club scene with a powerful aim at the mainstream audience. BIG V.E.L’s mission is to show the world what his brand of southern Hip Hop has to offer. Armed with production from newcomers “TeamHood” and “BackDraft Beats” along with a pure and uncut Dirty South Swagger, BIG V.E.L is prepared in staking his claim within the Hip Hop game.