Brian Timmons Captures Entire PE TOUR 57 On Film

April 5th, 2007

Director Brian Timmons completed the herculean task of covering the entire tour PE 57 on camera. The footage took over 75 varied hour tapes covering onstage, backstage, travel, fun, antics, interviews, etc.The tour encompassed all the acts opening for PE as well. The project BEYOND.FM looks to encompass the footage for digital access, as well as the usage for DVD and video in the near PE-SLAMjamz future.The filming was supported by Mediastreet INC, the manufacturer of the PMP PE Media Player as well as other digital image hardware.

Brian Timmons has also produced and edited the 1998 SMOKIN GROOVES tour originally shot on 65 one hour tapes by KYLE JASON. Its for an upcoming PE DVD this year called 'WHERE THERES SMOKE.....'Timmons said 'the cutting and editing of that tour was a great preparation for this , although the difference is 10 years later and i'm living in the middle of this experience'.

Mr Brian Timmons is a great addition to the SLAMjamz camp of creators.