Bringing the Magic of Her Art to mADurgency....Meet Amy Cinnamon

January 11th, 2016


Bringing the Magic of Her Art to mADurgency....Meet Amy Cinnamon


Amy Cinnamon is one of Chuck D’s mADurgency artists who has been using her artistic expertise to help Chuck D and many others in the world of art and music. I had the chance to ask Amy about her art background and who has inspired her, how she developed the artwork for Me to We, when she started working for Chuck D, and what her role has been in mADurgency.

The SpitSlam Record Group (Kate G): When did you first start getting into art?

Amy: I started drawing when I was in 6th grade. My best friend at the time taught me how to do fashion sketches and it was fun to draw hair, makeup, shoes, clothes and accessories. Today I do something very similar to that but I use my computer instead of a pencil.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Amy: I am inspired by people - musicians, artists, friends, family, film stars, TV Stars, pop culture icons, historical figures, good or bad, anyone who intrigues me.

You recently designed the cover of the single, Me To We off the new Public Enemy album, Man Plans God Laughs.  Tell us how you created your art to incorporate the meaning of the lyrics into the cover?

Amy: I originally designed cover art for MPGL which only included Flavor Flav. Chuck thought it was more suited for Me to We and suggested that I incorporate the rest of the band, past and present. That’s how my Me to We cover was conceived.

When did you start working for Chuck?

Amy: I am one of the original members of mADurgency. Chuck initially approached me in April of 2014 and things got moving with the group that August.

Besides hip hop, you do other artistic projects. Tell us about that.

Amy: I draw whoever inspires me at the moment. It could be a character in a movie, a friend or an artist I like. I also do cartoon selfies as a vehicle to express what’s going on in my head or in the world. I would like to get more into playing around with words and typography.

What are your musical influences?

Amy: For the past few years my art has mostly been influenced by Classic hip hop although my taste in music is very eclectic. My roots are definitely Classic Rock but I am all over the place when it comes to music. It’s my main motivator and other then my art, my joy in life. Tell us a little about Chuck’s artist network, mADurgency and your part in it.

Amy: mADurgency is a group of fine and commercial Artists from the US, Italy and UK with one common denominator. We are all passionate about hip hop. Each of us has an individual style and background, which makes us a very well rounded group. We offer our clients everything from graphic design to 3D rendering to branding and merchandising. My background is in graphic design and my specialty is drawing colorful, life-like cartoon characters. I like to do album cover art and concert flyers, anything incorporating my characters into design.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Amy: It’s been such a blessing to work with Mr. Chuck and a group of such talented artists. All of them have great creative energy!

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