C-Doc Pulls Out All The Stops in The Film THE QUIET ARRANGEMENT Starring KYLE JASON.

May 19th, 2009

David "C-DOC" Snyder has produced, directed, and shot a brilliant film called THE QUIET ARRANGEMENT (check the trailer at the top of the SLAMjamz home page). Enemy Board longtime member Maggot Eater described the premiere event, as he went with the rest of JBR to see the movie.
In his Own words.....

'Consensus was it was so much more than we had expected. The trailer does it very little justice and I don't want to give anything away, but everyone has to check it out!

It was in a big theater, not a small one so everyone got to watch it with stadium seating. Looked really damn good on the screen as well. He had a good turnout too and everyone dug it. I can't wait to see the next one.

It was cool seeing C-doc, Chuck, and Tirade again.

Well, some unexpected events occurred in the theater and the firemen, paramedics, and police were called which stalled things, but it was over 90 minutes I think. Started around 8 and wound up getting out around 10 something. I was only expecting an hour, but the film really tells a story so it takes time to cover it all. Good story too.

Cool style and must of took a lot of different cameras because it didn't look like a lot of the scenes were shot twice for different perspectives. Like a camera would be filming one guy while another camera was filming the other guy so each actor had to do their scene at the same time as another while not even acknowledging the other ac

At the end there was a talk about things being on the DVD. So, instead of "a" DVD it was referred to as "the" DVD.

Here Are some Key answers Delivered about the movie from C-DOC;
1. How long is the film?

CDOC;As of right now, with credits, 1:48:43. I may trim it back a bit, though...

2. How many people showed?

CDOC-We sold 72 tickets and had another 30 or so people in the cast and crew. So right around 100.

3. Any talk of a distro deal?

CDOC-My cousin John (the executive producer) and I are trying to figure out the next plan of action. I'll keep you guys posted...

4. During Chuck's scene in the car what is the person under the bridge doing in the background?

CDOC-All will be revealed on the DVD...that ties into something does the TV show that Mr. Parks was watching...

It was great to have Kyle and Chuck there at the screening...what a night...I'm glad everyone came out to support and I'm glad it went over well...

The film stars:

Kyle Jason

Christina Simkovich

Rob Stone

Julian Hicks

Kevin Hayes

John Delserone

Joseph D. Lane

Chuck D

Written and Directed by David C. Snyder

Produced by David C. Snyder & Davon Magwood

Executive Producer John Delserone

Music Composed and Performed by Chris Lash & Michael Thomas and Armand Armandollar

Music Supervisor C-Doc

The SLAMjamz Digital Company of Recordings
along with the HWIC FILMWORKS/ COMMAND PICTURES release of the film Summer 2009