Canadian Songwriter/Singer Anime Oscen Keeps The Music and Message Moving Despite 2020 Slowdown

September 28th, 2020

Canadian based, self-taught songwriter/singer Anime Oscen, who came into the SpitSlam fold after her collaboration with Hive Studios produced music (Anime Oscen and Hive) that caught the ear of Public Enemy’s Chuck D, and soared with the single and video for “Everyone’s Got Won”—highlighting gun abuse. With the rap Icon’s mentorship in music, her politically charged country/folk songs combined with her messages of love and world peace found new ground. With 2020 disrupting so much of the norm, Anime now describes building the music in the middle of so many world changes. She's found time to focus on additional interests including going back to school (online) and undertaking a Veterinary Medical Terminology course. In the midst of academic pursuits, she is still building the foundations of her catalog with a new release in the final stages. Keep an eye on her Bandcamp page as she adds what’s new with her unique blend of R&B/Pop and folk. Despite any global slowdowns, Anime continues to exemplify just how when it comes to music—art persists.