Cheef Exek Rolls Out Song / Vid For Hopeful Chief Exec Barack Obama

March 12th, 2008

Crank That Obama is the latest single by CHEEF EXEK on the SLAMjamz record label subsidiary beat! Self produced, Cheef Exek is pushing the point of supporting democratic presidential candidate Illinois Senator Barack Obama, by alerting folks in the hood, streets ,and lovers of hip hop today to be proactive in the voting process. He believes that songs can do more than keep a non issue dialog over some hot beat. In bringing balance to the music , its a way to expand the possibilities in doing it for longevity purpose as well as saying something very needed and important. This is history why can't hip hop document it as well as being part. Also known as Whitfield Payne , Mr EXEK has produced tracks on the CREW GRRL ORDER album, the upcoming SHEsquad album, and his DJ LORD based track ' Check What You Listening To' off 2005s NEW WHIRL ODOR by PUBLIC ENEMY.