Chuck D on CNN-Black Lives Matter

July 19th, 2016

Chuck was interviewed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo last Tuesday morning as part of CNN’s coverage following the Dallas police shootings.

Cuomo asked about the Black Live Matter movement. Chuck explained that “it's about making a statement where these voices have been squashed.”

“All lives matter” is a great statement, but it took the BLM movement to give effect to the statement. With the murders and acquittals, the last two generations are asking, “What is going on here?” "People feel is that Black Lives Matter is this violent movement. It's not what it is. It's a movement against the violence . . . almost like in the '60s, when you had people protesting against Vietnam." Education, environment and a say in the process is important in moving forward.

“We want young people, young adults -- we want our people growing into their 30s and 40s to turn from being dynamite into dynamic. But education — understanding that they have a chance in this economic system that they think is BS; the environment; and also, have a say so in enforcement — that has to be a narrative that people feel that they're a part of. And they've felt that it's been lies the whole times.” And, while there may be more diversity in the police, "when it comes down to enforcement...people feel like it's still a slave patrol. . . . It's still the same old game.”

 Listen to Chuck on CNN