Chuck D Joins Tijana bASS for Face Of Freedom Peace Project in Belgrade Serbia

November 6th, 2010

Upon finishing up debuting in the nation of Bulgaria Public Enemys Chuck D joined SLAMjamz artist Tijana bASS in the shooting of the FACE OF FREEDOM remix off her debut album PLAYGROUND. The project produced by Srdjan Trifunovic a producer and advertising freelancer living and working in the balkan region.

The script and the locations of the shooting were centralized in the city of Belgrade. Tijana bASS also with Bojan Ristic Brass Band,
Bojan Ristic, the leader of Brass Band, was born in a family with lots of musi¬cal experience.

In shooting this video would hope to be a step forward to rise awareness on the matters and have a chance to make a difference and really change the rise in fascist and nationalist one sided opinion.

Its the feeling that some organizations are getting bigger and stronger every day. In Europe we are being wittness to the Roma people in France getting evicted, because they belong to a different ethnical group.

In Srdjan Trifunovic professional career he's had the privilege to work with some of the best and biggest names from around the globe ( Jonathan Barnbrook, Trevor beatie, Mirko Ilic, Charlotte Fiell, Miami ad school, Elisava School of art etc ). Aleksander Legen a student before graduation (Arthouse-College of Visual Arts) and a free¬lance designer. As the owner of ArtDigital brand, Aleksander Legen is the author of the graphic design and the artistic director of the 'Face of Free¬dom' project.

Popular Balkan DJ / Producer Baby Dooks and Phat Phillie are also present on the song.

The music video for the project is being directed by David Burk and Rob¬ert Hedzet; they have over 20 videos between them. Their work has been viewed by over 2 million people in eighteen months on various sources on the internet. Their field of work includes the entire Balkans. Currently they are working on four videos, two in Serbia and two in Croatia. The entire showreel can be viewed on the next link: