Crew Grrl Album Review 07

January 1st, 2007

Hip-Hop: Sad to say, but on today’s hip-hop landscape,
it is rare that female rappers are taken seriously.
They are often forced to dress in ‘barely their’
outfits in the videos and on stage in order to boost
album sales. Well, Crew Grrl Order, the first female
act on Public Enemy’s SlamJamz label is setting out to
change that. As track 4 of their CD “B Grrl Stance”
states, these ladies definitely “Spitfire”! Right off
the top, they hit you with their lead single ‘Who Am
I?’ (see link to the video at the end of this review)
which sets the tone for the rest of the disc. Aside
from ‘Spitfire’, I was really feeling ‘Freedumb’ with
it’s haunting melody and infectious hook that stays in
your head, “. . .get free girl, get free crew!”

I also
liked the message relayed on ‘Play With Me’ where they
expect their men to step up to the plate or they will
keep it movin’ to the next man. (“. . . I’ll be damned
if I’ll be 2nd to the PS3 – translation: grown men
need to put the games down!) To add to this offering,
the CD comes packaged with a DVD that contains videos
and documentaries. Top it off by adding Chuck D’s
stamp of approval to the project and you can’t go
wrong. (4.0 Ears)