Crew Grrl Order And HEET Mob Setting The Stage As CD/DVD Debuting Nears

October 3rd, 2006

In the cities of Charlotte , Kansas City , and Atlanta the members respectively of CREW GRRL ORDER and HEET MOB are positioned for powerful cd/dvd releases come final quarter this October 31st. HEET MOB will release their 8 track cd titled 'THEY FROM WHERE' and will have their release party in KC on October 25th. Videos for songs like KC It Goes Down, Spread The Word, and Who Got Rhymes with a snippet of Get It Right are being strewn across YouTube and My Space. There are few dedicated to the craft of hip hop like this conglomerate. A rap academy of 10-12 emcees and deejays led by Daheetus Haaziq and John Lee at the forefront. Local scenes in retail, video shows, venues, are being notified about the midwest crew that looks to put skills back on the rap map.

Speaking about skills and crews down in Charlotte on November 2nd , CREW GRRL ORDER will synergize the Charlotte scene with a release that will be the first of a all female rap group since NORTHERN STATE , a female crew who've also collaborated with CGO as well. The singles and videos on their dvd WHO AM I , @LAST , and SPITFIRE w WHOS GOTCHA BACK snippet immediately will set a unprecedented difference with more to follow in 2007 for sure. COMMAND Films looks to cover at least 3 more videos for this project with a commitment for 1-2 vids per act past the initial dvd. As with the local scenes in retail, video shows, venues, synergy is key to build a buzz from home bases of Charlotte-Atlanta.