CREW GRRL ORDER Plays Bay Area With MC LYTE..and a Hectic NOV-DEC

January 5th, 2009

As reported earlier on SLAMnews CREW GRRL ORDER completed an active November-December in lieu of releasing their sophomore album ALL BETS ARE OFF. November had the BAY AREA performance at the East Side Arts Alliance where MC LYTE appeared with the group in a photo shoot, video and on stage at the center. Discussions were moderated by DR GAYE THERESA JOHNSON and CHINEKA HODGE on womens issues and the impact of incarceration on the community.

A great photo shoot in the area was shot by JENESSA NYE, and a upcoming documentary PRISON and PROMISE was orchestrated by BRIAN TIMMONS , and DAVID 'CDOC' SNYDER, and JOSEPH 'TIRADE' HOWSE. The impact of the SLAM weekend was capped by performances by JAHI, LOWdown, CGO, and others hosted by Chuck D.
Added to this was a drop in appearance by BLASTMASTER KRS-ONE and HAKIN from CHANNEL LIVE. DAVEY D also documented the weekend.

December CGO producers WHITFIELD PAYNE, and manager-producer EARNEST ROBINSON mastered the finishing touches with JOHN PENN in Atlanta.
Ideas for the First Lady track were being finished as we speak