Crew Grrl Order Releases GO SLOW WHOA While Completing Solo Albums !

July 12th, 2011

Crew Grrl Order is staying fresh and current while making important meaningful strides together and individually. The single GO SLOW WHOA is a download looking to bring attention to a Health initiative headed by Dr Olajide Williams at Harlem Hospital. The HIP HOP HEALS Project was unbowed last month with many representatives and dignitaries involved into blending the uses of HIP HOP culture and entertainment to making the black and Latino communities better aware of diet alternatives.

CGO is still aiming their 'FIRST LADY' song tribute dedication to Mrs Michelle Obama reviewed by the WHITE HOUSE

Lady Payn is currently working on a solo album. She is also launching her Non Profit Organization S.H.E. Ministries (Strength, Healing, and Encouragement.) She is also working on her group homes and transitional homes as well.

Retina is working on her solo album as well as performing all along the East Coast!

Cleo Jones just launched the Queen Cleopatra Jewelry Collection this week at Atlanta's Americasmart. Her solo CD release date is July 16 and she will be performing at the Harvey Gantt Center in Charlotte, NC for an event to kick that in motion.