DJ Johnny Juice Brings Vegas Down With DMC, Chuck D,... and Flavor Flav!

January 12th, 2008

Well the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas is a full blown casino resort just off the strip , fully loaded with the clubs, restaurants, and all the gambling one can do. The Consumer Electronic Show brought many folks to town, and supporting the debut of new music network BEYOND.FM were DMC , Chuck D and a special guest ..Flavor Flav. Originally Chuck and DMC were to flip some tunes, but at the companys debut dinner FLAV was a surprise invite. Flavorman also calls Vegas one of his homes.

DJ Johnny Juice first had hip hop violinist DAteh rip it over some classic breakbeats. Then Welcome To The Terrordome went into Sucker MCS, that turned into Rebel Witout A Pause, moved into Walk This Way. DMC rocked Its Tricky and debuted his new song 'Black Betty' from his next album. Chuck, Flav and DMC finished with Harder Than You Think , and then of course Fight The Power. 30 minutes of history, some fun to kick off a week of CES. You can find the music on BEYOND.FM