Dj Mark K and TADI TOUCH Remix Tijana bASS DA,DA,DA...DA! ..and Massivepulation

May 3rd, 2010

Dj Mark K from Serbia remixes Tijana bASS and Studdah Man's hit single DA,DA,DA...DA!

No need to look any further, Ms bASS and dj MARK K from Belgrade (Serbia) team up on a remix for Tijanas first single ''Da,da,da...DA!''! The capital of Serbia (Belgrade) is the very city Tijana bASS met the Hip Hop giant and activist mr. Chuck D who has given her the chance to spread her musical wings, and so far the flight has been a successful and learning experience.

Tijanas smooth sexy vocals have already proven to melt not only with HipHop but also inside the realm of trance, taking those old b-boy sayings and transforming them into urban pop songs, as it was the case in one of Tijanas first releases for SLAMjamz, in her ''This is the way'' remix produced by Spaceman.

Now, Tijana bASS and dj MARK K are bringing out Mark's specific style on this hot new remix, that will have you sweating and bringing it on the dance floors this summer! Marko Ciric a.k.a. dj MARK K has been producing trance and techno tracks for nearly 11 years as well as dj-ing electro beats all across the ex Yugoslavian region (releasing his own grooves for Original bass records (Paris) & tech house for Fried Fish recordings as well as popular nudisco remixes).

Also female MC & singer Tijana bASS has literally taken ''things'' into her own hands and is fighting against Massive Manipulation with all the necessary ammunition!

In the summer of 2009 Tijana released her debut album ''Playground'' for the American record label owned by the controversial Hip Hop giant Chuck D, frontman of the legendary rap group Public Enemy.

After the success of her first single ''Da,Da,Da...DA!'', she is coming out in both Europe and USA with her second record off of ''Playground'', entitled ''MASSIVEPULATION''. The single can be heard on most major Eastern European radio stations and you will be able to watch the video for this bold single, which will be out by this summer!

Ms. bASS is undoubtably an artist with a taste for the bitter sweet chocolate, as she talks both about the fun and the horrors of everyday life; one thing's for sure, she isn't afraid to speak her mind. After her radio promotional tour in ex Yugoslavian countries, France and South America, Tijana bASS is working hard promoting her latest single entitled boldly ''MASSIVEPULATION''! She has already proven that a woman can be sexy and still the message in her words can be revolutionary. Walking this revolutionary road, she did not only wrote the lyrics for her latest single herself, the lyrics are also autobiographical. Tools and ammunition are not something that is missing in the fast electro/hiphop/dance beats of the single. You will not sleep, sit or be neutral with Tijanas attack in this ''Massive beat''! The rhythm of the song will take over your body and soon after the takeover you will find yourself dancing into the night on some exotic island...

The song was produced by TADI TOUCH, the widely known electro & hiphop dj and producer from Eastern Europe and the head of the popular European ''Total Fusion'' events. Be afraid of the Massive Manipulation, be afraid of the resistance, be afraid of Tijana bASS in her latest attack with the single ''MASSIVEPULATION''!

The link for the download and the taste of Tijanas ''Massivepulation'':

Tijanas statement about the single: ''Massivepulation'' is warning children, all the truly innocent so called collateral victims, used as a tool to justify the wars across the world, to run away from the battle fields! Ammunition is not somethin i lack and with each word i am aiming at everything and everyone that is holding back this resistance. I am sick and tired of the Massive Manipulation, of the physical and psychological abuse of the worlds population targeting them with the media terror, phobias and ''medications''. In my second single off of ''Playground'', yes, I've taken things literally into my own hands. I am taking all the true necessities for the living and killing all the unnecessary junk that has been surrounding us for too long! I am mad but productive! In this fight for justice i was influenced by my childhood and the fact that i was left without my home, country, friends and much more, because of the same repetitious cycle of the wars! I was only 10 years old when my home country called Yugoslavia was broken into pieces; today i am aiming at all the war gold diggers, at the shock doctrine and fascism! Welcome to my playground that was turned into battle field over night!Just the chorus of the song says plenty: ''Bang! Bang! My country shot me down! Laid! Laid! Now bitches run around!''

Tijana bASS about her collaboration with dj Tadi Touch: ''TADI TOUCH is fresh and innovative and our common opinion about the troubles of the world made or collaboration very spontaneous and natural. Me and Tadi simply click well together and it was a joy creating in his studio! The single ''MASSIVEPULATION'' is our symbol, our movement and reaction, our construction as opposed to the systems destructiveness. ''Massivepulation'' was born one evening after the long conversation about the people-robots, dogmas and so called ''Illuminati hierarchy''; the song is also very autobiographical, since at only 10 years of age i was terrorized by these hate illusions!''
Here you can listen and buy Tijanas album ''Playground'': )

Kaly Kolonič
PR & Management for Tijana bASS
Agencija Ekskluzivno (Agency ''Exclusive'')
Phone: +386 51 620 545

The lyrics for ''Massivepulation'':

/verse 1/

Nena Comes Into The Store
Hungry Barefoot Uniform
Takes Some Meat For The Eat
And Some Sweet For The Feet
China Made, Europe Gave, US Paid
3rd World Order
Shock The People
Open Fridge Don't Ask A Thang
Shop, Shop, Shop And Eat
If It Doesn't Now It'll Fit
The Dominant Trick
Submissive Lick
They Lick, And Lick!
Now Go Around Spread The Lie
Citizens They Got Rights!
They Got Rights!
Dollars, Houses, Cars,
Building Garden Scars,
Hair, Nails, Eyes And Balls,
Legs, Hands, Asses, Whores,
Color Red, Fire Bed, Sad,
Feelin' Dead,
Alive Child, Guns,
Chainsaw Lungs,
City Trees, Pedestrian Thugs,
Rabbits Buns, Bombs Pigs,
Lions Tricks, Brand Slayer,
Economy Layer,
Stock - Wall - Creep - Paper - Empty - Sheet -

- Dogmatic - !
Bitch, Mandog Cheat,
Gigs, Plastic Steel, Orgasm Diamond Bleed,
Slut, Cut And Gut,
Murder Deal,
Cards, Bars, Nuns And Guards,
Reason None...
3D Prison...
Maximal Power...
Now Scream It Louder!

Bang! Bang!
My Country Shot Me Down!
Laid! Laid!
Now Bitches Run Around! (2x)

/verse 2/
In The Hour Of Chaos
They Declare Wars
Deception Deception
To Deceive The Nations
They Grab
You Give With Your Eyes Closed
Hypnotized Under Shock
Problem Can't Offer Solution
Dig Into Your Root
Cut The Massive Polution
Get Out Of The Suit
Tie Strangles Creation
Revives And Drives

Yeah, Oh Yeah,
Oh Yeah...
Yeah, Oh Yeah,
Oh Yeah, They Say...

Bang! Bang!
My Country Shot Me Down!
Laid! Laid!
Now Bitches Run Around! (4x)