Enemy Radio-Coming soon!

May 30th, 2016

In June, Public Enemy is going overseas and will be bringing SPITslam’s Jahi of PE2.0, Antlive, Sammy Vegas and Obeah. The guys will open for PE, as they launch a new PErformance revue of acts, called Enemy Radio.

Enemy Radio is currently a radio station, as well as a show channel on the one and only RAPstation and now it is a group of acts who will eventually be coming to a town near you.

Jahi has released a couple of albums under Chuck D and has been working with him for many years on this idea.  Finally, it is being put into the works.   Joining Jahi will be SLAMjamz’s artist/producer, Antlive, recording artist and producer Sammy Sam and SPITdigital’s artist, Obeah. Antlive has been with SLAMjamz for many many years, releasing and producing several albums, with many in progress.  SPITdigital’s Obeah, joined PE last time they went overseas, and has released one live album under Chuck, in addition to having a new album coming out soon.  Sammy Sam is a member of Public Enemy as well as a recording artists and producer.  These four artists will be making their mark overseas soon and for the first time, bringing you Enemy Radio!  

 In the meantime, check out Enemy Radio on RAPstation NOW.