French Review Of Most Hi-fi “Everything's gonna Be alright: The Movie”

October 3rd, 2006

Veiled a new newyorkaise production which leaves the batch by proposing subtle mixes kinds. With the orders, two MC' S with the precise flows (Dynamic Duet aka Mecca and Vel), a talented dj (DJ Frost) to bring a dimension hip hop. But especially a producer of reputation: large Chuck D of Public Enemy in person, which gave to the group a name judicious Most Hi-Fi to incarnate the political combat that both carry out MC' S.

Straight arrived of the American scene underground, all juggle with elements such as realism, the instrumentation of phase, the turntablism, the more traditional hip-hop, the funk, the soul, as well as the clever and intelligent rhyme whose contents are adapted and amusing. The influences are clear: John Coltrane, Stevie Wonder, Run DMC, Outkast but also Chuck D or Rakim. Both MC' S play much with the rhymes which can be connected for some with urban poems, often raised by superb the scratchs of DJ Frost.

Nothing with saying, Everything' S Gonna Be Alright: The Movie leaves like a taste of worked and reflected album. Ideal for the moment of relaxation as on Be Alright where a small air “gospel” strongly arises. Or on Let It Be feat. Payn and Huggy accompanied by a flute sympathetic nerve. One will notice particularly Badge Over Troubled Brothers and Rhymin' Insane One A Midnight Plane To Georgia where both MC' S pose superbly well, accompanied by a female-intonated voice very soul. Seule Wild Out is dissociated a little with instrumental the more intense and marked that the remainder of the album.

To also note that the album is accompanied by a DVD, which becomes rather frequent in the signed productions Chuck D. Of the clips, the lyrics of the musics, a biography as well as the documentary ones and other no-claims bonus. A very good album thus, original in the design and mainly soul in the music. Highly advised with the amateurs of American good hip hop.

Emilien Ercolani