From Helsinki Finland Christian Champagne Mixes SLAM Into High Art

September 2nd, 2011

Hardstep your way into this mix with Tijana bASS waxin' lyrical backed by a haunting melodic chant building in on a suspenseful intro before the main drop hits you in the gut.
The time Is Now...! This is for the bassheadz!
Enter menacing b-line accompanied by frenzied drum programming and the addition of Chuck D only adds to the brilliance of the track as he flows perfectly over Champagne's d 'n' b stylings. Get with the sounds and experience Face Of Freedom in a whole new light.

The world of Hiphop pritty much opened up to me round about 1987, as a teenager growing up in a Vancouver suburb. When I reflect back names such as NWA, Eazy-E, Public Enemy, Too Short, Ice-T, LL Cool J, Original Concept and Maestro Fresh-Wes all echo back at me. The music had A stronghold on me and would lay down the foundations for my musical journey ahead".

A chance move to Helsinki, Finland in late 1990 would expose Christian to the elements. Those elements being new forms of European urban sound not yet heard before: Rave, Hardcore, Ragga, and yes…Jungle, an original innovative UK sound born out of London which was one of the only sounds at the time to be truly challenging technology in creating sounds and combined hip-hop breakbeats with the reggae culture to create a brand new kind of music. ! Truly A London something!

With frequent trips back and forth to London's Soho district Christian began piling up on his vinyl collection, absorbing in all these new genres. Gaining A love and respect for all things music.

1994. Christian purchased his first sampler, an EPS 16 running Cubase and started experimenting with the world of sampling. "The great thing about sampling was that, even with no prior musical knowledge, all you really needed was a good ear, patience, dedication, and hours on end of trying different things, and every so often, magic time would happen". Experimenting with Hiphop, Tekno, Jungle, and eventually finding his niche, what we call today drum ‘n' bass.

2001. Securing his first vinyl release on London's Vibez Recordings '5 Elements' LP things took off from there. With more releases on UK based labels such as Nu Urban music, Pivotal Entertainment, LTJ Bukem's Good Looking imprint, Blindside Recordings, FF Recordings, Midnight Sun Recordings and own label Bonafide Recordings.

As of late Christian has been busy in the studio working on various Hiphop to drum 'n' bass remixes for the likes of Public Enemy, Arrested Development and the Bamboo Bros.

Aside from drum ‘n' bass production Christian is also working on Hiphop production for PE's Gary G-Wiz and soundbed production for