Gia'na Garel Heads All Woman Digital Label

October 29th, 2007

Radio personality and writer Gia'na Garel has taken the task in heading
up the first all woman, urban based digital label - SHEdigital. The
label features a diverse base of artists looking to be associated
with a new freedom of sonic movement- digital distribution. The
label will start off encompassing the majority of women on Chuck D's SlamJamz Record label, including: CREW GRRL ORDER, SHEsquad, country rap artist Bonne Cream, Basheba Earth, PAYN and others to follow. Ms. Garel is also looking to add to the roster as well as finding key sponsorships and product placement.

In the mix of downloading SLAMdigital will usher and distribute
digital mp3 files and songs by female artists into one complete label
roster. Crew Grrl Order definitely heads up the label breaking into
Lady Payn, Retina and Ms. Ebonee, who make up SHEsquad. Country rapper Bonne Cream, Basheba Earth, Eurosoulrap Tijana bASS & dynamic soul singer Msro, Cali rapstress Nic Nac. Other prospects include some instrumental possibilities by Sammi Grrl.

"There needs to be better and more positive portals for musicians and most certainly for women who are not being given a fair shake in the market." Says Ms. Garel.

Also Ms. Garel will be incorporating the labels artists into Beyond.FM
Also giving interviews on her Air America Radio/XM show On The Real
Co hosted Sunday nights with rap icon Chuck D.