HEET MOB Prepare FOUND MISSIN for 2010.

November 26th, 2009

Currently HEET MOB is busy wrapping up the final touches and mixes to the album 'FOUND MISSIN'', that will be ready to launch in early 2010!

The album is looking like about 15 or so cuts that express the full wide range of all the elements of HEET MOB, complete with interludes, skits, drops from special guest and appearances from Chuck D and Keith Murray!

The single 'Rockin Shows' was scheduled to be released complete with video, has been postponed because of HEET MOB video man Mike B. Rollen having personal family issues, so video isn't complete as of yet.

HEET MOB also has a catalogue of about 25 extra songs recorded outside of the album cuts for various single releases and promos.

As soon as the album gets mastered and date for release is set, Heet Mob plans to start the promotion campaign via internet on all outlets, local surrounding area shows and appearances plus plans are in the works for starting our open mic venue back up for the new year! New photos and head shots will be available also!

The HEET MOB who hail from Kansas City , now have a personal assistant and a public relations person in place ready for the new campaign, that will insure more efficient and promp business for HEET MOB also freeing up Daheetius and JOHN LEE to concentrate in other needed areas!
HEET MOB geared up and ready for 2010!