Heet Mob,They From Where? Released and Explained

November 11th, 2006

Heet Mob - They from where?

The title "they from where?" comes from the questions that were asked all the time when people heard our music, or found out and couldn't believe this hip hop sound was coming from kansas city, which isn't known for hip hop.

The first cut is the hometown anthem kc "it goes down", giving you a quick tour of where Heet Mob is from and how they represent the place they call home. With this blend of hip hop and electric sound of the historic 18th and vine jazz district horns floating through instantly gives you a feel for the kansas city culture. The second cut "get it right" explodes with a hylanda produced adrenaline rhythm rockin drum and grit track, deals with the plan to impact the music industry and society through a collective force of explosive music. The third cut "spread the word" is the Abbott John Lee, teaching and breaking down the fundamentals of emceeing, with a screaming grand exotic track as the backdrop behind the lessons. The forth cut "feelin fine" originally a inturlude track turned full song. Hits with it's pulsating kicks and guitar licks driving the way to this club track with a positive message, as Blaq's vocals fuel the whole song. The fifth cut "Find a way" deals with the mental and physical demands of the everyday struggle living life in a unfair society. Rockin drums, lazy guitar licks, and the upright bass give this track a unique listening experience, the hook sample sums it up.

With the sixth cut "Angel" sets the chill vibe mood, starting out with the jazz night club sound, as douglass provides the lovely harmony. This cut is dedicated to the women, transforming into a smooth mid-tempo groove the song goes through each emcees encounter with an angel from their point of view. The seventh cut is "Dj Hylanda" how many groups make dj songs still? or even have a dj? this cut is solely dedicated to DJ Hylanda, a zone out mood setting track provides just enough background music for Hylanda to perform his turntable magic, as the cuts tell you a little bit about the dj.

The eighth and final cut "Who got rhymes?" is a fat posse cut, as each emcee takes turn ripping into the melodic strings and voluptuous bass line of this smackin track. This song was dedicated to everyone who said that kc dosen't have any lyrical skills when it comes to hip hop music. The hook guarantees to let everyone know how they feel!!!!