Inst Label set to distribute Hipstrumental Albums

November 23rd, 2015

 The SpitSlam Record Group has launched the all instrumental record label subsidiary INST. The label will be supported, managed, and curated by David CDoc Snyder who helped usher in this concept online over 10 years ago with his "turntable jazz" project Illegal Thought Process. It's been a long time coming but with Public Enemy rolling the ball seriously with the instrumental album of Man Plans God Laughs along with the Heroes vs Evil vs Heroes albums, the time is right.

SLAMjamz recently released Easy Mo Bee's instrumental album ...And You Don't Stop to rave reviews. The label prepares to release a slew of Hipstrumentals heading into 2016: AntLive of MF911, Sammy Vegas and production partner Charlie Mac's East Duel West, Divided Souls, Khari Wynn's Energy Disciples and his project 45taPE along with the past 2 albums of Public Enemy's rhythm unit The baNNed.

CHUCK D said, "We are adamant and focused on believing it's a future fact that the hip hop instrumental, or 'Hipstrumental', is a culture to itself. It's the new Jazz of today. Producers and Beatmakers can now go forward releasing vocal less songs that people can vibe to without having to turn their hip hop sound down." Furthermore Rapstation Radio Internetworks have launched an all hipstrumental 24 hour radio station called rapINST also curated and programmed by Snyder. "This is an exciting time for beatmakers because there are far more opportunities now for them to showcase their skills," said Snyder. "We expect to be leaders in getting this music heard."